10 year warranty on wood

We use 68 mm thick spruce beams from core wood originating from Lapland in northern Sweden, the wood is 80-100 years old and kiln-dried.
The trees are forested exclusively in forestry, in which the operation takes into account the nature and the locals.
The wood for facade beams is cut and planed directly on the sawmill, and then transported to Scanwo’s carpentry shop in West Jutland, where the final adaptation takes place. The wood is then moved on to vacuum impregnation, after this it’s ready for delivery.


Climate and energy correct insulation.
Insulation of walls and ceilings is carried out with Isover flexbatts, so that fitting and cutting are minimized.
Batts are provided for vertical walls and for ceilings, roll mats or batts, as desired. Isover insulation is compressed upon delivery so that it does not take up much space on the construction site before use.

Fiber Gypsum

Screw-fixed Fiber Gypsum on walls.
For lining the interior walls, 12.5 mm thick Fermacell sheets are supplied that are clamped or screwed, all joints are glued with special glue. The screw strength of the plates is large, a regular screw can be loaded with 25 kg, so that there are no problems when hanging fixtures or large flat screens.

Doors for your taste

Swedoor interior doors are available as molded or smooth doors in several standard colors.
Several door types are also available with wood veneer surface. For all types of doors, suitable doors are available with glass cutouts and or bars. All doors are supplied with hardwood base piece which can be omitted at will when required.

15 year warranty on Roof tiles

The concrete roof tiles from Monier type B&C Classic are available in three standard colors: black, slate and coral red. If you want a more glossy and durable surface is available against the additional type Protector.
Roof tiles come complete with accessories, such as also includes roof caps, special stones and binders as desired on the roof for laying. At extra cost, tiles can be delivered in ceramic – with or without glaze.

20 year warranty on galvanized steel roof gutters

Lindab gutters are available in 125 mm width in galvanized design. For better durability, the grates get a top coating in metal gray. The gutter clicks together so that mounting can be done in any weather.

Wood Alloy windows, DVV approved

Side-hung or top-controlled core wood windows with alloy covered exterior and notes for window additions are supplied from Rational Windows or STM Windows.
Everything is pre-painted from the factory, (more colors are possible) before glass is inserted for better durability. Windows and exterior doors can be supplemented with security packages with amplifierd fittings and locks, making burglary considerably more difficult. All window types and several types of wood can be supplied on request.