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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can other materials be incorporated in a wooden house?

    A: Both inside and outside walls can be fitted with tiles, stone, wood etc. It’s completely up to you how the style and appearance of your house ends up.

  • Q: Does a wooden house require a lot of maintenance?

    A: A typical wooden house should be treated every 3-5 years, depending on the exposure to the sun and the color chosen for the house. If a wooden house is maintained properly it can last several hundreds of years.

  • Q: Is a wooden house more healthy to live in?

    A: Yes, a wooden house is more healthy to live in than your traditional brick/concrete home. This is because a wooden house has a continuous flow of fresh air passing through the pores of the walls, preventing the presence of humidity and mold. There’s also far less dust, meaning it’s healthier for people with respiratory problems like asthma or allergies.

  • Q: Is it an issue to hang large televisions, kitchen units, cabinets etc. onto the walls?

    A: No, we use screw-fixed fiber gypsum on the interior walls which can hold a large amount of weight without having to reinforce the walls.

  • Q: What about the risk of fire?

    A: Compared to a traditionally built concrete home, a wooden house is more safe during a fire. A concrete wall is fitted with metal rods inside, at high temperatures the metal will expand therefore cracking and collapsing the wall. Whereas a wooden wall forms a natural insulating layer during a fire from the charcoal that forms after combustion, this protects the wood from becoming even hotter and maintains most of the load bearing capabilities.

  • Q: Is it possible to to design an personalize my house?

    A: Yes it is, together with us we can find the perfect design and size for a house that will fit into your budget. We also offer standardized models that you can choose, which also can be altered to fit your needs if necessary.

  • Q: Is the wood used ecologically produced?

    A: Yes it is, the wood originates from controlled forests where two trees are planted every time one is felled.